In Loving Memory of

In memory of our 12 yr old son TYLER.Killed by a drunk driver June 12 1998.

THERE must be a LITTLE LEAGUE in HEAVEN AND TYLER has taken the field. HE left behind mortal team mates, AND scars that won't be healed.

GOD must like a good game, FOR He takes only the best. THE diamond is well manicured, AND the players are all dressed.

THE home team of heaven ARE the first ones at bat. TYLER is there at cleanup GOD HIMSELF, saw to that .

THE home run Tyler hit IN HEAVEN plays no part Of the home runs he hit Here at home in our heart.

But, who can argue with God Over the make-up of His team? Maybe he'll let us visit him, If only in our dreams.

This poem was written by a friend,J.Micheal Bellamy.



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