In Loving Memory of
Judith C. Fetzner nee Williams

My mother was a unique kind of person. Very private and not a gossip. She died in the prime of her life. Fifty-six is pretty young for someone who was in perfect condition prior to her diagnosis. She lived for a very short 5 months after her diagnosis. It seems like just yesterday that she was there for me to talk to. Now she is taken into God's hand and sometimes I wish I was with her. But I have to be here for my child. My mom suffered for the last 3 months of her bought with cancer. There was an extreme amount of pain and suffering. But I did what I could to make her comfortable and I guess that is what really counts. But now that she is gone all the vulchers have hovered over me, trying to take advantage of me and my feelings. Mom if you can hear me or read this, please make them stop. I can only take so much before I crack. I guess I am realizing what I have lost now that its gone. My heart aches to hear her voice, to touch her hand, and to cry on her shoulder. I miss you and love you...

Your one and only daughter, Debbie



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