In Loving Memory of
Mary M. Rich

Mary Mercy Rich September 24, 1933 - December 24, 1995 Dear Mom:

It is hard to believe that four years have past
Since I hugged you last.

Yes, I still cry for you suffered so.
I would have taken it from you gladly, but I know you would not have let it go.

You shouldered your burden without complaint,
I am in awe of your love and compassion, faith, beauty, and strength.

If your spirit lingers here still, please be not concerned,
for the Glory of Heaven is now yours-how patiently you waited your turn.

Just one thing more mom, if you would;
When St. Peter frowns upon me at the gate,
Please tell him, Ah, she's a good kid-so I won't have to wait.

You're in My Heart Forever,

Mom, you are the best of the best.
May your memory be eternal



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