In Loving Memory of
William Shields

My Grandpa is the man that I will always remember. He taught me many things which I will keep with me on my journey through life. I know many people loved him and I know that I will always love him. He always brought joy to my heart and pride to my soul. I love him so much and no matter what, that love will never change. I cried and cried the day that I, Heard the news that day, That my loving Grandpa had sadly passed away, He was the kind of man whom everybody knew, He was always kind and thoughtfull, And also loyal and true, I still cry when I think, What a wonderful man he was, But in many ways he's still that man, In heaven up above, He'll always be a part of me, Until I pass away, Then I will see him again, Each and every day, So if you think about it, He's the best man I ever knew, And Grandpa if you read this, Remember I love you. So I guess if you read the poem you can understand that I love my grandpa very much. He always knew what to say and he made me happy no matter what. My Grandpa knows how much I love him and he is watching over me right now from heaven. I will always love him from the bottom of my heart. Grandpa, I know you can read this, I love you! Thank you for taking the time to understand how I feel and taking the time to read the pain, yet joy, I am experiencing




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