In Loving Memory of

At the time of your death I wasn't sure what to feel. I pushed it away and didn't deal with it because it scared me and I didn't want to see Larry or your family hurting. It was one of the hardest things I ever did, going to the funeral and seeing you in that casket. But like Kristi said, it wasn't you. You spirit had already left us and you were in a better place. My faith has been truly shaken. I am watching Larry go through hell because he is so grief stricken that he doesn't know what to do. I am truly scared for him. I want him to get through this. I want him to know that you are still there for him though we cannot see you in the flesh. I know we were not close and I know I am not feeling the emotions that your family are butI miss you. The thought I will never see you bothers me so much! And I'm wooried and scared for Larry. I'm trying to be strong but I was never the strong one, Larry always was. Now I am watching him trying to deal this on his own and he is just not making it. I can't lose him! If one thing came out of this whole ordeal was that I realized how much he meant to me and how much I wanted my family. I know he loves me but right now he can't see or hear anything but pain. I need your help. I need your strenghth for the both of us! There is so much pain right now that it has become unbearable. Everyone needs your guidance to help us get through this. You are in much better place now, you are with you ANGEL Kathy so would the both of you please help all of us down here? Your mom, dad, Kristi, Sharon, Shawn, Brad, Billy, Kameron, Sami, Larry, me and all your nieces and nephews and friends need your strength. Along with the Lord you can help us. Watch over us and we know you are in a beautiful place and one day we will see you again and hear your laugh. But until then please help us get through these trying times! We LOVE you and you will never be forgotten!!! BEKA

In Loving Memory Of Paul Bryan Bennett AUG 4 71' - DEC 24 99' You are always in our hearts!! Love and Miss You



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