In Loving Memory of

You've only been gone for a short while,& the thought of you makes my heart smile.But it still doesn't take away my pain,knowing I'll never see you again.You've been with me for 16 years.Since you're gone I can't control my tears.The emptiness I feel goes very deep,but the memory of you I will always keep.Your big brown eyes used to talk to me.Now the silence is as deafening as it can be.I'll never get used to your not being here,nor the comfort I felt at just having you near.Brandi, know that you'll always be loved,and I hope you are watching me from above.You were our guardian angel & though we're apartYou will forever remain within my heart.

Love Forever,Joan, Tommy, Doug, Betsy, Mom,Kayleen, Cyndi, Cody, Murphy & Tia



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