In Loving Memory of
Les and Carol Dotts, murdered 2/3/95

A letter to my parents, Les and Carol Dotts..... First I love you and I miss you. Not a day passes when I don't think of you. HoneyBare is doing great! She is thriving and happy. It's hard to believe she will be 9 on Valentine's Day. When you were so brutally taken from us on Feb. 3, 1995, taking care of that beautiful collie you rescued from her abusive 1st owners, at times has been the only thing that has gotten Bry and I through the last horrible 5 years. When I look into those big beautiful collie eyes, I can see your love and smiles. Don't be shocked but we are now the proud parents of 3 collies and 3 cats - including HoneyBare. I know, we're nuts. I think you would be proud of us. We are active volunteers with Collie Concern Collie Rescue, and the East Tennessee Victims' Rights Task Force, in fact I am a board member for the Task Force. Daddy, I know you would be tickled to know that I have irritated a few criminal defense attorneys in Knoxville, Tennessee by my activities as a Volunteer Crime Victims' Advocate through the Task Force. It is my understanding that many refer to me as -- that victims' rights bitch --- So I must be doing something right. Okay Daddy, you can quit laughing now. Mom, you know you want to laugh, so go ahead. After, I got my stubborn streak from BOTH of you! Missing you is not easy. Listening to the BS in criminal court from the defense attorneys, your murderers, and their families makes my blood boil. But you will be happy to know that I was listening all those years to you. I have behaved with dignity, and kept my composure around these people, even when they try to goad me into losing my temper. I have kept to the principles and vaues you taught me, and continue to do my best to live my life by your example. There were times I was tempted to do something that would have ultimately been hurtful to me,and to your memory, by confronting the scum and their equally lowlife families. But your words would echo in my mind --- don't lower yourself to their level, be strong, be smart ---- 2 wrongs don't make a right --- doing the wrong thing for the right reason, still makes it the wrong thing ---. So you see all those years when I was growing up you thought I wasn't listening, it looks like I was.... even more than I knew. Mom, your favorite flower (and mine) is the white rose. Ironically, it turns out a white rose stands for justice. A purple ribbon stands for the fight for crime victims' rights. I wear them together in yours and daddy's memory and honor. I am pround to be your daughter. Those who took you from me will never take my memories of you, the values you taught me, the laughter and love we shared. You are now and will always be a part of me... the best part of me. I love you bunches..... your Mugwamp, Jeanne

Bry and Jeanne Brykalski, [email protected] - members East Tennessee Victims' Rights Task Force Knoxville, Tn. Task Force Tel # 865-215-3877.



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