In Loving Memory of
John Graham Hughes

John was my dad. The best dad in the world, of course .... He was a proud, handsome, gentle, loving father. He loved us all, his girls; myself, my sister and mom. He had such a lovely sense of humour, very dry, and was a clever man. We'd go to the pub together, and squash all our trivial quiz opponents!! He loved his garden, and when he was fighting his impending death, he would fret to see me mowing the lawn, saying it was his job. He always suffered from stomach problems over the years, but finally he was in such pain, and the doctor diagnosed cancer of the colon. After the colostomy, his kidneys failed, and he refused dialysis. The cancer was terminal, anyway. He died as he lived, quietly and with great dignity. I only wish I can grow to be as loved and respected as he was. I love you and miss you so much, Dad. Still hurting....

Thanks, Dad, you WERE the best Dad ever.



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