In Loving Memory of
To the unborn child, lost to the world, but in the arms of God

I post this memorial in memory of a lost little girl. She never had the chance to be born, to know the love her father had for her, to experience the joys of life. I wonder what she would have looked like - I picture her with her father's eyes, chubby baby cheeks, the drooling toothless baby-grin that we'll never see. I mourn the loss of this child as if she were my own. But she was not. I long to know what she could have become and I grieve that she will never know just how much her father loves her still, how her death has affected and changed him. But I know that she is with God in Heaven. And one day, we, too, will be. She will be there to welcome us into the Gates of Heaven upon our earthly deaths and we will grieve no more. For as much as we grieve for her now, she is with us and always will be. The Lord doesn't let a soul come into our lives without that soul entering our hearts forever. And I am convinced that this child is now looking over her father, acting as the guardian to him that he wanted to be for her. Let us never forget, but God, we ask for your Peace to enter our hearts. Help us to heal the pain and the grief we feel for this lost child. Help us to be always mindful that she is not gone, but is with you in your Holy Kingdom, waiting for the time that we will be reunited in Your love. And I pray that You can provide the Peace and the Love to her father, that he might learn to carry his love for his daughter in his heart, but find a way to continue his life in the service of You, O God. We seek your Peace and Love now and forever...

Jenny, for the lost daughter of Jason, a man who has changed my life and made me richer for knowing him.



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