In Loving Memory of
Ryan James Miller

For those of you that knew Ryan, you knew his tremendous warmth, his tremendous love and his tremendous strength. We all know how special he was. His constant love and concern for others, his devotion for his company and all his employees. For all of you in his company, he was very proud and very appreciative of all you did.

But for me, his Mother, he was my heart, my soul, my life – and I will find it very, very hard for the rest of my days to live without him. I have lost a part of me that I will never have again.

His warm, wonderful smile, his quick comical gestures, his big warm heart for others and his tremendous love for animals and all mankind, he is the breath in my soul – and the love in my life.

Ryan you will always be the most special person in my heart. You are at peace and safe in God’s hands now, my precious, precious Boy!

10/11/76 - 1/19/00

Your Loving Mother

Victoria L. Todoroff



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