In Loving Memory of

tom there is so much i need to tell you and so much left unsaid I wonder if you cryed for help before you reached the end I wonder if your warm at night or on a snowy day I wonder if your happy there and what its like each day some days are good and some are sad your always in my heart someday will meet in heaven tom where brothers and sisters never part please don't worry about susie she seems to be doing fine you know she loves and misses you it will just take her some time tommy and chrissy are her strength now although im sure you know that for i know you walk right beside them giving them a little pat what will we do on holidays,birthdays and such it won't be the same without you tom mom and dad miss you so much noone expected you to leave us we all thought that you'd pull through and there is alot of things dear tom we forgot to say to you we miss your stupid little jokes,your laughter and your smile the fishing trips, the bowling games and the night glow ball on par number 4 the way you ran when the whistle blew and you'd never shut the door you'll always be a part of us all each and everyday just give us strength and guidance tom to help us on our way someday we will meet in heaven bro where frienship and love never ends we will have you in our arms to hold we will all be a family again now your our guardian angel god had it planned that way we only wish for some reason he would of left you stay.................... In remembrance of my brother thomas (bundy Gismo ) Jasper sept 25 1961 to dec 26 1999 I love you and I miss you tom .........your big sis theresa always hold me close for i will always hold you..

I Love You Tommy, Your sister THERESA



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