In Loving Memory of
Thelma Zellner

she fought so hard to stay with us until at least our 14 yr son graduated, or one of her daughters had a child...thier was always a reason to fight to stay..9 yrs ago she had a heart attack, 6 yrs ago valve replacement, to yrs ago heart failure.. last monday jan 17 2000, she left us.. we were married 15 yrs ago, met, had our first date, and never were apart after that, engaged 2 weeks after 1st date , married 10 weeks later,our son was born 10 months to the day later.. so we both felt a sence of ,this is the one!i knew she had a heart valve problem when we met. but she was still thought to live a pretty full life... when we met she was 30, me 26.... yes she went for the younger man i always teased her. i think the news 2 yrs ago that each day she woke up is a gift ,put us even further into the live for today, and celebrate each day way of thinking, i will tell you this we did... myself , her youngest daughter, and our son ( as much as a 14 yr old boy can ) took care of thelma, after all, she looked ok, she had some very good days, certainly the doctors were wrong... 1999 was a busy year, family cruise ( in case it's our lst chance ) major work in the yard( she loved it so )but toward the holidays she got tired, she was always tired, we knew she was feeling real bad, but she would come back strong, she always did you know.. jan 15 th, the saturday before she died , for some reason i thought it right to bring home valentine gifts, i came home from work noon saturday, gave her the gifts, and told her everyday with her was valentine... little did i know then.. monday morn , was a school holiday , so i would let her sleep in , after all she did not have to take our son to school today..and she was tired. i awoke early that monday morn from a dream, i came into a room where she was laying on the bed with just a white sheet over part of her body, it was very sexy... but also was another woman in another bed , wearing the same thing. i never spoke to her or touched her, and i recall no face, but it was important to my wife to let me know it was ok for her to be there.. i woke up, we had a romantic morning, had coffee , talked, laughed, i was actually late for work due to this special morning... she would die in the bed 6 hrs later.. right before noon, i have been at work for 5 hrs...she knew something was very wrong and went to lay in the bed.. seconds later she called for our son, working out in his room right across the hall, he ran over to the bed, she ask for asprins and nitro and water, she called 911 but couldn't talk.. as our son took the phone to talk , she reached over said ilove you baby, i love you baby ,goodbye.and took her last breath... she and the doctors fought for 2 1/2 more hrs to get her to come back, she was pretty much gone in the bedroom.. i met the family at the emergency room, and knew from the time i walked in this was it... but why after such a great day, or maybe i had answered my owm question.... i held her hand and ask to hang on, no responce...ask they took her into the surgury room , i know i felt a squeeze of her hand for the first time, i was so excited , but she lost the fight just after that.. one week prior she had ask me to do the speaking at the graveside service,it was the first of many of the hardest things i have ever done.. but so glad i did, so were the kids, she would have loved it... it has been 10 days , i am sadder than ever, i question everyting.. i miss her so much...the forcast says apx 6 inches of snow today.. she was looking foward to the first snow... now she will have the best view ever.. thelma, we love you so much, we miss you so much, we cant take it. i want to thank you for allowing me know total unconditional love for the last 15yrs.... you my dear, made me a better man ... kurt

i will love you forever,please be there when it is my time to go ,and guide me home... your husband kurt.



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