In Loving Memory of
Luanne Wikstrom, Grandma Rose Eaton, and Uncle Laurie Letarte

Luanne: 1956- December 25th, 1999 Your beautiful face is still on the water in the ocean. Your eyes are among the most beautiful stars. Your soul and heart are with the people who loved you. Your strength is with the ones who need your care. Your spirit is with Grandma's up in heaven looking down on us from that bright star. Your words are with all of us who listen. You'll be safe and out of pain in the arms of God and in the care of your Mom. Grandma Rose April 28, 1933(?)- November 22, 1999 Aunt Sarah said a few days after you left that God gave you a tough life because he knew that you could take it. She was right. You had so much strength and love. You leave us with not only sadness, thats not what you want us to feel, but with strength and sweet memories. We can not help the pain we feel not having you there in our lives, but I know that you are still watching over us with the angels that you loved so much. Nothing can take away your wings that helped us, by your strength, to fly and no one can take that away now. For, forever your memory will stay in our hearts and we will never be the same. You taught so many to fly and with your memory we will forever soar. Uncle Laurie- ??- December 17, 1999 You were a great man...of stories and feasts, of delight. You taught so many of us to love with your patience and care. I know that you will always be there. You never left our side when we needed you most and never walked away from the storm. This time is no different. You were honost and gentle and most of all, loved and forever are deep in our hearts. You are the hero to so many of us, your metal is with us all. In fact, we are your metal. Your shining victory. You are part of who we are. You have suceeded in all that you tried and together we have all won.

In loving memory of Luanne Wikstrom, Rose Eaton (her mother), and Laurier Letarte. Many their love of life and joy stay with us in our hearts and lives. I love each one of you with all my heart.



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