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Guy was the best friend I have ever had. He was a friend to anyone. Guy was the most unique, kind, sensitive, talented, creative, caring, humorous, witty and compasionate man. Guy passed away on Tuesday May 18, 1999. He was only 26. Guy loved his family and his friends and he will always be missed. I take refuge in my knowledge of his belief in Jesus Christ. We spoke a lot about God and religion and such before he passed away. I only wish I could have told him how much he meant to me. I wish I could have told him how great a Guy he truly was and is. I wish our last conversation had gone better. I told him that he was in a hole digging himself deeper. I was upset at something he had done, but instead of showing concern, I acted in a kind of mean and shitty way. I know he probably knew then and especially now that I didn't mean to come off that way, I was only concerned, but I'm afraid I all too often have a knack for acting like an idiot.

I wish I could show the world what a tragic loss we all felt the day he passed away. I wish I had some insight into why he died so young. I wish that some good could come from something so terrible. I still don't even know or understand the circumstances surround his mysterious death. Who was this girl who was with him when he died? What involvement did she have? It almost seems dark and twisted, yet I would like to know what really happend. Guy was not a number or statistic to me. He was the best friend I have ever had!

Guy had so many talents. He was extremely creative. He was also very mechanically inclined, but an even more talented artist. He played the keyboard, guitar and could quickly make music out of an instrument he had only just picked up for the first time. He was such a cool Guy. I miss talking to him.

About a week or so after he died, my wife found out she was pregnant with our second child. We found out we were having a son, who was born Friday January 7, 2000. Guy would have a been a wonderful uncle and God-parent for Noah. He always would say that he felt he was or should be our daughter Leah's Godfather. Not being Catholic, I always just kinda wrote him off saying we didn't have such an incarnation in our Baptist faith. In retrospect, I realize that he was and will always be a special person in my children's lives. He will still be there, only from a higher viewpoint. He left such a big black hole in my life. I miss him so much.

God Bless Us All! Until then my friend, my brother...

Michael Manion



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