In Loving Memory of
Eugene Thomas Lyons

Dear Dad,

I can't believe it will be one year on February 7th that I heard and felt your last breath as I tried to comfort you and cradled my head on your back. I love you so very much and as these days get closer, my heart breaks all over again. I feel the blackness enclose me as I reach out for your hand, only to realize I cannot touch you. I think of things I want to say to you, only to realize that I cannot hear your voice talking to me. I miss your voice, the warmth of your touch, your smile.

I thank you for telling me how much you loved me and how much you had always loved me. I admire your courage as you prepared for your death in just one month's time. You wanted to make everything easier for your family and you did your best. There just wasn't enough time.

I pray that you can see me, that you can hear me, and that we will be together as a family once again.

All my love, Kathy



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