In Loving Memory of
Monique (Bruni) Da Lan

Dedicated to Monique Da Lan

When the Lord awoke in the middle of the night,

He caught a glimpse of a most beatiful sight,

This Woman, enchanting, a Goddess no less,

One of His finest He had to confess,

So He made the decision that it was Her time,

And took Her leaving no reason or rhyme,

Even though She was in perfect health,

God just had to have Her for Himself,

And He for this action we cannot blame,

For if we had the ability we would all do the same,

But rest assured to all of us who have cried,

He took Her to Heaven to be by His side,

And as for this family on which the pain did land,

Let's have no fear, She is right at God's side,

And to see our Princess once again each one of us longs,

But She had to go to Heaven where a true Goddess belongs,

It seems so pointless to take such a wonderful Girl,

But that was God's reason, She was the best in the world,

Ever since the moment of Her birth,

She has been a blessing to this earth,

So lets go on knowing that She will always stand by,

To laugh when we laugh and cry when we cry,

For we have had Heaven on earth for the past nineteen years,

So when we get up to Heaven and it is comfort that we seek,

Embracing us sweetly will be our beatiful MONIQUE!!!



We Will Always Love You Bruni!!!Mom, Dad, Didi & Stefan



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