In Loving Memory of
Mary Arruda & Shawn Demp

Three months have passed but not the pain. I greive the loss of my mother the only parent I've ever known.

I don't believe this can be said of everyone, but it can be said of you, mom ~ You ALWAYS did your very best, ALWAYS. Something I've just learned is that the word ORPHAN can be applied to a person at any point in their life, but I'll always know that you loved me, ALWAYS. Thank you mom.
Oh how I miss you.

Less than a week after your passing, Shawn left this world too.

Shawn, you were there for me when my mother died. You let me cry, and talk, and sat with me in silence. Truly, you were a friend. I was so looking forward to knowing you better. We'd only known each other for less than a year, but I can still hear your voice, your laugh, and see your dimples when you'd smile. You could always make me laugh or feel better after being around you. Thank you, Hon. Thirty-two years seems too short a time to have someone as wonderful as you on this earth.
Oh how I miss you Shawn.

A daughter & a friend



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