In Loving Memory of
Robert F Kiser JR>

MY DAD What Can i Say Except I LOVE HIM No Matter If He Is Alive Or Dead I Will Love Him Forever D= dedicated A= always willing to listen D= deals with the stuff us children do My Dad May Not Have Been A Popular Man Or A Celebrity But To Me,He Means The World. Some People Might Not Have Liked Him Some May Have Even Hated Him But No Matter What My Dad Was Nice To All Of Them He May Not Have Like All Of Them But He Never Let Them Know It. To Everyone Who Reads This LOVE Your Parent While You Have Them!!!!It Is The Worse Feeling To Lose Them.! But Rember One Thing They Never Truely Die They Just Go To A Diffrent Place And More To Your Heart!!!! ROBERT KISER APRIL 51-JANUARY 00

Thank You For Comming VICTORIA [email protected]



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