In Loving Memory of

Our first baby and our little girl. We knew and loved you for nine months and we will always treasure the time we had together. We never heard you cry, never got to see you smile or the color of your eyes but we knew you were beautiful. They told us you were Stillborn. There was no medical reason for your death. You were so perfect and yet not breathing when you were born. I prayed that you would just scream out, making the doctor wrong, but it didn't happen. Daddy and Mommy love you and know God is taking special care of you because he knows how special you are to us. Please ask God to take care of your baby brother, Daniel. He will always know you, Katherine Grace, although you are not here with us. We love you and can't wait to see your beautiful face again in Heaven. Daddy and Mommy love you and we will always remember how you made our life better. Hugs and kisses. Mommy

Stella and David Wolf in memory of our daughter Katherine Grace Wolf full-term stillborn daughter born September 9, 1998.



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