In Loving Memory of
Dee Dee

Diane, my precious neice, I miss you so badly but know that you are in heaven as one of God's angels. You will always have a special place in my heart and will never be forgotten. God took you from us because you were the best, his #1 girl, as you were to all of us here on earth. You have left us with such beauty in all the crafts you had done for us . . . A memory I will never forget is our dog walk together this past fall. We won Diane . .. we were the first back to the finish line and now you have won once again . . .a place in heaven. I love you hon and always will. Please stay by my side . . . for you are stronger than me. Help me understand God's reason for taking you and not me or another. I know you are at peace, and hope to be with you someday. Until then

Love Aunti Jill Burns



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