In Loving Memory of
James (Jim) J. Jones

This memorial is in honor of the most extraordinary friend, mentor, and second father I ever had in my life. It's a rare occassion where you meet and get to know a person and hit it off right from the start. Jim was 62, the perfect businessman and I was 29, and a vocationally confused soul when we were first introduced. I had a side computer business when he called me to help him with his computer. I quickly found out he lived just around the corner and a block down from my by himself at the time. Jim and I became friends rather quickly and we complimented each other's personalities perfectly. I would visit often... at least until he soon remarried in July of 1996 (about a year later). I was so happy for him and his new wife. Jim strengthened my weak spots and I like to think that I helped strengthen some of his. Jim motivated me in ways I don't even think he could fully understand. He wanted me to learn to stand on my own...which has been a challenge most of my life as I always seemed to rely on someone. Jim was the teacher of life that I needed and one of the things that makes his loss so hard is that I feel I still had a lot to learn when God called him away on July 18, 1998. Even almost two years later, I miss him so much. We always talked on almost a daily basis and there was a void left in my life. It's still very hard to even think about because I miss the talks that we had and the lessons he would teach me to help me become successful. He was the one person I felt comfortable talking to about anything. I will always love Jim like a dad and will never ever forget him and his friendship through the short time we had together in this life. I love you Jim. As someone who held dreams so precious, may all your dreams come true. You mean so much to me and I really look forward to seeing you again in heaven... : )

Robert Kerr, (future RVP) ; )



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