In Loving Memory of
Mark Sierra

My beloved son Mark.......Why did God choose to take you from me so, soon, and so cruley?? At 22, Your life was just beginning...Your baby wasn't yet born, and you were so happy, with the thought of being a daddy.Just isn't fair, Your baby daughter is so beautiful, loving, and sweet..You would be proud...Your brothers and sister, Dad and I miss you with our whole were taken from us so suddenly, and soooooooo horribly, Your spirit, love, humor,and love of life will stay with us always......Just know that a moment doesn't go by, when my heart breaks, remembering that your not with us.....The joy of life, is not all it was, and never will be, because your not with us....please know how much we still love you, and how much we miss you.....oh how I miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu




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