In Loving Memory of
Ricky Johnson

I lost a very close and dear friend two years ago in a tragic car accident.Ricky was the type of person everyone loved to be around. He could always make you smile no matter what your mood was. Ricky would walk into a room and bring it to life. I miss him more than I thought possible. I met him years ago as a child. His family moved to Lockhart to start a new life and I thank God everyday for that. At first, we began a childlike romance that I will never forget. I think I loved him almost immediately. As the years passed by, we became much more to each other. He was like nobody I ever knew. I came to cherish him as one of my very best friends. We chose to remain only friends for fear of losing the closeness we shared. I could always count on him no matter what the consequences. Eventually, we both married other people, but always remained in touch. In fact, he came to my rescue even after I was married. My husband was in the Navy and was shipped off to fight in Desert Storm. I moved home to be with my family while my husband was gone. It wasn't long before Ricky called my mother's house to

Darla Williams Soulmate



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