In Loving Memory of
James F. McLeod @ his loving wife Judith Ann Kelley McLeod

In Loving Memory of James F. McLeod That which has died Does not drop out of The universe. It stays here, It also changes here, And is disolved into its proper parts, which are Elements of the universe And of yourself. Marcus Aurelius 161-180 AD In Loving Memory of His Wife and my Sister Judith Ann Kelley Mcleod She's somewhere in the sunlight Strong Her tears are in the falling rain She calls me in the winds Soft song And with the flowers She comes again. D. Lawrence

Jim died on the A.T. hiking in honor of my sister, and raising awareness for breast cancer. He passed on to a different plane, to join his wife, on April 29, 1999. But no one who met him will ever forget his early-detection- breast care speech, although they are gone, still let us not forget early detection saves lives. Joni E. K. Pockl



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