In Loving Memory of
Jeffrey Thomas Seamons

INVINCIBLE By Jeffrey Thomas Seamons Lately it seems That I can't tell the difference between My reality and my dreams. My spirit is in constant flight Through the pinks and blues that have recently Filled my days and nights. Lately it feels As if there is a rip in the curtain that separates What I imagine and what is real. My mind floats On a sea of ponderance and illusion on Yellow and green mushroom boats. Lately I can sense A slippage in the interdementional wall that separates future, past, and the present tense. My eyes can see Things that seem to slip the attention of others But they set my soul free. Lately I smell The glorious aromas of the earth, but it seems that Nobody else can tell. My soul melts Into the hues of a magnificent sunset, erasing any pain that I have previously felt. Lately I have the power To effortlessly hurdle any obstacle, and still have time to admire every delicate flower. My aura is united With mother earth and all her radiance, and all the wrongs of man Seem to be painlessly righted.

I love you so much son. Love Mom



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