In Loving Memory of

My beloved baby, I wish I had been there, if I was, you'd probably still be around. Nothing I do will make you come back, no matter how many tears I weep, how many times I grief, time will not turn back for us It's so hard, when there's noone to blame. I ask myself why did it happen, and why God let it happeen, but I can't seem to find my answer. What have I done to deserve this? what have you done to deserve this? What have we done to be seperated from each other? Nothing can be changed, honey but such a truth is so heavy on my heart When will I ever see you again? Will you blame me for not being there? Do you blame me for what happened? Would you be happier up there? I made a wish at a wishing-pond for your safety and happiness, I said countless prayers for your well-being, but you still left me Everytime I walked into a shop, I think of things to buy for you Everytime I see a dog, I get reminded of you The memories were so bittersweet, What we had was just so perfect I would do anything to have you back, I would give up everything If only that was what it takes, if only it were as easy as that You were so beautiful, so smart, so angelic, just so perfect I miss you terribly, I wish you were here with me But you're not, and I just feel so lost. No matter what I say I can't bring you back But just remember that I will always love you and I will never forget you the happy times we had, will always be locked in my heart I am glad that I had you although it was so short, beautiful things never last forever and if I had to choose all over again, I would still choose you I love you Rickie Take care, God Bless

With everlasting love Your mommy Pamela Phua



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