In Loving Memory of
Grandpa Lamount

My Grandpa was one of my best friends he was a great person he had a loving heart and soul. I loved my Grandpa so much he was a great pal of mine we always talked alot about funny things I miss him so much it's like everyday I see myself running into my Grandma's house saying Grandpa Grandpa where are you? Then I remember he's gone and he can't ever come back to see me ever again sometimes when I'm in my room I just lay myself down on my bed and cry my eyes out because I wish he was here the thing I miss about my Grandpa most is his colone smell and his jokes but mostely his voice and his hugs and compliments. Sometimes I wish that I could see him again because my heart misses him so bad but I know he's in a better place if he excepted Jesus into his heart and I think hay Heavens way better than earth and he is better because he was always so sick and I say to myself I know you miss him a ton but it was god's timing and someday I'll be dying and people will grieve over that but then they'll get better and they'll know I'm in a betterr place.
I miss my Grandpa so much and I always will forever and ever but I shouldn't let grieve run my life becauseI know he's in a better place

Ana Davis



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