In Loving Memory of
Shawn C. Henningsen

Shawn Henningsen was the perfect guy. He was always there for you when you needed him. He lived from June 16, 1982 to Febuary 12, 2000. He was 17 years old when he passed away. His older step-brother was 19 when he passed way only a couple months before Shawn. RIP Anton D. Dziengelewski April 18, 1980 to June 26, 1999. They both meant a lot to me and I'm hoping nobody has to go through the pain I did. I know it happens and I'm sorry to hear about all of the mishaps in the past. Shawn was my ex-boyfriend. We were still like brother and sister after we separated. He was in a car accident. He was driving his girlfriend Nycole home 2 hours after he finally got his lisence and he hit a patch of black ice and went into two trees. Him and Nycole (RIP girl) died instantly. His friend was int he car too. He only broke his hip. Unfortunatly he has to live with the fact that he was there when it all happened. Well all i gotta say is I love you Shawn and I always will anton you too.

Jodi Johnson



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