In Loving Memory of
Grandpa Lamount Roundy

We miss you so much we would do anything to hear your footprints come down the stairs or hear your jokes or even your voice. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and cry loudly as possible sometimes I wish you could be down here but I remember how much pain you went through with all your surgerys and sicknesses and heartproblems.I still find myself trying to turn back the hands of time but then I remeber that if you excepted god as your loving savior you went to Heaven and there is no better place than that I know I cannot pray for or talk to you or write you notes because you have already made your decesion if you're going to Heaven or not I miss you tons Mom says that it's hard for her to awnser the phone and tell everybody that he's busy when he's not even there you were a great friend I look forward to the day we see eachother again if we have Christ in our hearts I miss you so much Grandpa I know this letter won't get to you cause it can't and I know that if your up in Heaven you're not up there looking down on us your talking to Jesus Christ I can't pray that you went to Heaven because you made your choice I love you you were a good friend thankyou for always being there and believing in my talent when I thought there ws nothing there I love you Grandpa. Love your singing grandaughter,




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