In Loving Memory of
Margie J. Humphrey

Mom--You were my best friend, my soul mate, my security, my constant companion and unconditional love. I struggle through each day trying to understand how this could have happened. I know that I will someday learn to live through and with this loss, but now I must focus on your beautiful memory to get me through my days. I will be forever grateful for the 27 years I had you in my life. I will honor you by striving to be the mother you were, both for our little Paige and for this new child I am bringing into the world. You gave me enough for 5 forevers, Mom, far more than many daughters ever experience, and yet I still feel a sense of being cheated. I don't feel cheated myself as much as I feel you were cheated, and Paige has been cheated, and the new baby who will never know you. I will do all I can to make you a real presence to my children as they grow, and you will always remain a presence within my heart. I love you with all my heart, and I miss you more than you could comprehend. You made me the woman that I am today, and the woman I will be as my adulthood stretches into aging. My consolation is that I can never fear death from this day forward, for seeing you come towards me out of the light with your loving arms outstretched will truly be the day I go home. Until then I remain your devoted daughter...

In memory of my mom Margie Humphrey, 1942-2000, with my eternal love and thankfulness, Erika Humphrey Pfeiffer



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