In Loving Memory of
Helen Jo Wilson

To my little girl who died before she got to see this world: I was so excited to be expecting you after all those years of thinking I would never be a mom. I was frightened that I wouldn't have what it takes to be a good parent, but I was determined to give my best efforts to you. We were so sure you would be a girl that we named you Helen after your dad's grandmother and my good friend Helen, and the middle name Jo was for my mother, JoAnn. Your grandma Jo was so disappointed and sad when you died, because I was her only child, and so her only hope for having grandchildren. I felt so empty when they told me you couldn't be found on the ultrasound. I know in my heart that I would have been a good mom to you and that your dad would have adored you. Today you are in heaven with your grandma Jo and your cousin Zachary, and I know grandma Jo is taking good care of you both. I love you and miss you, my little one.

Your Mom



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