In Loving Memory of
Grandpa Roundy

I miss you Grandpa it's hard not having you here I wish you were life has been pretty tough but with God's help I can live it normal again. Slowly we're putting our lives back together again piece by piece. I still remember when we got that telephone call and my mom slamed down the phone and started balling. Then Felicia came in and told me Grandpa was dead I still remember looking at you in your coffin and how cold you were and when I saw you in your coffin knowing that I would never hear your voice, jokes, laughter again. Oh how sometimes I wish that you were here with me but then I remember that if you excepted God in your heart to be your Lord and savior that you're in Heaven and there is no better place than that in this whole Universe. Everytime I look at a picture I remeber your smile it's hard not having you here and I know I have to let you go for a long time till we meet again in Heaven.If we bolth excepted Christ in our heats thank you for believing in me and telling me that I could do it. Thank you for not letting me give if it hadn't been for you and Jesus I would have never made it this far at all. You were a great friend and you always turned my frown upside down into a smile you were great I love you Thankyou for everything Grandpa Love, Your Singer




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