In Loving Memory of
Koma E. Black Henderson Tharp

To A Beloved Mother, So quick you left us - we were not prepared (1/24/00). Your compassion and deep commitment to motherhood was a shining model for us, and each of your daughters are holding one another to ease the grief. If only we could have said, goodbye, then maybe the pain wouldn't be so bad. Your love, devotion, and dedication to your six daughters and to family is your living legacy, and we promise that your legacy will live on.

We have sobbed, shouted, and cried out in anger at your sudden leaving, but we know that you were greeted by your loved ones of days past, and especially our dearest 5 year old niece/granddaughter, Leanne.

Each of us have struggled to deal with the emptiness of your passing, but the agony is so deep that days feel like years, and nights leave us without sleep.

We thank God for you, our dearest Mother, and we hope you know that the memorial services and recognition/tributes of your outstanding contributions were overwhelming. You would have been so pleased to know how many people deeply grieved your loss but celebrated your extraordinary life, but it would have broken your heart to see the utter despair and sadness your daughters felt at losing you.

You will always be in our hearts, and until the day we meet again, we rejoice and praise your life!!

Forever and with our infinite love, your daughters, Karen, Sandy, Jere, Ruth, Marsha and Debbie,

12 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren



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