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In the 80's we would shoot dope together and he would fantasize of dressing me up in leather, and getting me to head up a rock n roll band. He was a shit hot little bass player see, not particularly unusual for an addict. I was enthusiastic about the singing although I couldn't quite imagine the leather get up! I'd just sau hey is a young silly boy.. To date I have not established a aband but I play music with talented men like him, here there and everywhere. When I was called on Xmas day, 1999 to be told that he had left his body, I cried in shock, sadness and sheer rage at yet another lost and valuable life. Far was of Spanish stock, cute, sharp witted and was as devoted to his daughter, and lover, Sally, as he was to 'dope.' What a shame the human devotion couldn't have prevented the Lymphoma that finally killed him. Sometimes even love has limitations; in this case, the limitation was of the lack of miracles that may have kept this family in one piece. What a tragedy.. Let our memories strengthen Sally and her little one and may they both be given the knowledge that will save them, but which Raf may have been denied

Andria E-Mordaunt/Users Voice Editor [email protected]



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