In Loving Memory of
Dorothy M.Burns(Dot)

Burns,Dorothy M.Thursday,Feburary3,2000Beloved wife of,William Burns;Dear Mother to her 5 children;Donna(Nolan)Wallace,Micheal(Cindi)Burns,David(Gloria)Burns,Barbie(Billy)Haag,andTimmy(Debbie)Burns....Beloved Grandma(Memaw)to;Chrissy,Stacey,Sue,Jenny,Mike,Amanda,Dawn,Kris,and Kjersti.Great-grandma to 13 AFTERGLOW....I'd like the memory of meto be a happy one. I'd like to leave an Afterglow of Smiles when the day is done.I'd like to leave an echo...Whispering softly down theWays of happy times and laughing timesand Bright and sunny days.Grieve to dry before theSun of happy memoriesThat I leave behind when Day is lieu of flowers memorials are requeated to;Huntington Disease Society Of America8039 Watson Road St.Louis, MO 63119

Everyone In The BURNS FamilyWe miss you so much!!!!!



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