In Loving Memory of
Roger Dale Alvarado

In Memory of Roger Dale Alvarado 11-10-79 to 8-20-99 Roger Dale Alvarado was killed in a car wreck on August 20, 1999. Roger, Dustin, and Kim were all out cruising and drinking, just trying to have a good time. They were heading west on a dirt road, when Kim lost control of the car, while going pretty fast. The car flipped, and threw all three of them out, leaving Dustin to be the only survivor. Roger was only 19 when his life was taken away from him, by a drunk driver. Roger was very special and had touched a lot of peoples lives. If you knew him, you loved him. I still can't believe that he is gone, and I'm sure that there are a lot of others in this town that feel the same. I know that now, he is our guardian angel. He may not be here with us, but he is in our hearts forever, and he left each of us with a lot of memories. He never had nothing bad to say about anyone, and always had encouragement to give. Rogelio, we all miss you so much, and think about you always. We want you back here with us, but even though we can't have that, you are in our hearts, and with us through memories. You were very loved around our town, and you were special to each one of us. Your death has touched our town a lot. You will never be forgotten. We all love you. Here is a poem, for Roger, called
A Faded Rose

A summer morning,
A steamy August night,
Began with love and hopefulness;
And ended with shock and fright.
As we awoke and we found out
About the day before,
The shock set in; the grief began
And we felt it more and more
The anger at those who caused this,
And at those who didn't care.
Still felt by some, it hasn't stopped
Because this isn't fair.
How different would our world be
Had this event not occurred.
The shock we never would have felt,
The crying never heard.
If this rose hadn't faded,
If this rose hadn't died,
Would we still all be happy,
And would we not have cried?
Or had he lived, would things be worse -
Not for us, but for him?
His death so horrific, yet merciful,
A blessing for the guy.
We haven't quite figured it out,
But one day we will know.
Without a doubt we'll all find out
And in our knowledge, grow.

Shana [email protected]



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