In Loving Memory of
Katie Poirier

Katie, You will forever be 19 because of that terrible night of May 26, 1999. The man who abducted you and eventually stole away your life may have ended your life physically, but your memory and your spirit will forever live in the hearts all who call you daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, cousin, or precious friend. No one can ever steal away our precious memory of you Sweet Katie. Those memories grow stronger with each tear I shed my precious little friend, my bubbly and bouncy Packer Pal! I thank God for the fortune to be able to call you friend. My life will forever be fuller and richer because of knowing you Katie. The one consolation is that now you are cradled in God's loving hands. Never again will anyone be able to hurt, harm, or victimize you again as the creature did the night he dragged you away into the darkness of night. Close to a year has passed now, and the heartache is just as real and just as intense as it was during those first days after that evil creature stole you away. Katie, I join your Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Brother, aunts and uncles, cousins, and your beloved husband to be in dedicating my life to work for an end the the sexual violence that claimed your life. Because of what happened to you and the efforts of all of us who care Katie's Law is about to become real in Minnesota. Other girls and women will be kept safer because of the changes your tragic death has brought about! I hope your proud of all of use for what we're doing in your honor!

I'll see you in Heaven one of these days Sweet Katie, Your forever Packer Pal



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