In Loving Memory of

I will always love Giner and she will be apart of my life forever. Ginger was one of the most kindest, caring, helpfull, loving, beautiful and remarkable people i knew. There is a place in my heart where ly my memories of ginger. That place in my heart will forver be full of the memories of all the great moments we shared together and the many happy conversations we had. I will always remember how happy you made me feel, how much you made me laugh, how loving, caring and kind you were, how encouraging and helpful you were and most importantly how much I love you. I know that some day we shall be re united and we will share those many great moments and happy times together again. Until that time comes I will always remember you for you gave me inspiration to live and you were the greatest person I knew. You were the greatest person I knew with the greatest personality. You will be in my heart forever and I will always remember how much I loved you and how much of a great person you were. I cannot express in words how much you meant to me but I know that you know and that is all that needs to be known. We had a bond that was stronger than any other and nothing will ever come between that. You meant the world to me and you will always be apart of my life.

I will love you forever Ginger and always have great memories of you and us. Thank you for the time we had together, I am so glad I got to know and love such a remarkable person. I will remember and love you always, Love Chrissy xoxoxoxo



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