In Loving Memory of

A boy that dreamed when all were a sleep.. counting the times when smilles were afar.. found a place to hide from the world.. a white EMPTY dream..a plesure paid in years that lasted only moments.. a time and space were only he could see.. he ran away from the fakeness of this world...but lived the sacrifice of knowing the truth.. a boy with large eys that every second became smaller and smaller.. wizer to the pain and ignorant to the Joy.. he traveled thousand seas and worshiped many escapes.. castles he built and tryied to show the world.. our feelings were shut and the blinds were gone.. a boy with memories only as an infant.. that never lived the passion of tasting and feeling the beuty of the wind and the smell of spring.. starting with earths natural healing of the heart and not stopping untill human destruction...of the dust and colerfull pills that smathered his world. Careless of himself, unmotivated by this blanck time he traped himself in a circle of thoughts were he drounded... Aris.. A god of war.. awarior of men... a strong man. It finally won.. or did you?

your sister that wanted to feel and heal the unreal world you lived in..maybe one day. I Love you and am proud you were in my life.. nia



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