In Loving Memory of
Terry. M

Terry My Love,I miss with all my heart and soul. It's been six months and six days since God toke you from me. I do not understand why he chose to take you so early in life. I can only believe he thought you special as I did , that he wanted you now. You fought your battle so bravely,never showing your pain or fear.Always trying to protect me. My heart aches for all the dreams we had together that we will never share. You brought so much happiness into my life,always there when I needed you most. Always giving your love to me so unconditionally. No one could of asked for a better husband. How I long to look into your baby blues eyes one more time and kiss your sweet lips. You will always be my heart and soul, and I will always keep in my heart till we meet again in heaven. I know that you are near by each day,especially when I hear the wind chimes! Remember, forever and always!!! We always said we were soulmates. Build me that castle in the sky that we talked about.

with all my love, forever and always brigitte



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