In Loving Memory of
Our Mitchie

We miss you so deeply. We feel a great emptiness in our hearts right now without you and your Daddy. Our lives were brightened so much when you and your Mommy came into our lives. We loved you from the minute we met you. We were blessed to have a grandson so bright and wonderful as you! Although your Daddy did not get to officially adopt you, you were ALWAYS ours from the beginning. Our hearts go out to your biological grandparents and father. We grieve for them because they will never get to know what a wonderful, loving, happy little boy you were. We are so thankful that God put you and your Mommy in our lives and that we had 2 special years with you. We don't know how your Mommy is holding up like she is. You and your Daddy must be holding her hand and comforting her. She is so lost without the two of you, but we have faith that God will bring her peace as well as to us. We know you are both in the Kingdon of Heaven watching over all of us. We were so excited to have you down the road from us, full time, not just weekends anymore. We dread the days ahead, trying to fill the void of your presence. We love you so very much. Rest in Peace sweet boy. All our love for ever,

Papaw, Grammy, & Uncle Clint



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