In Loving Memory of
Our Son & Brother Blaine

We miss your smiling face. You brought so much joy to our lives over the years. From the day we found out you were going to be in our lives, we loved you with all of our hearts and NEVER thought we would have to say goodbye to you and be left behind here on Earth. We were truly blessed to have you the past 25 years. We are so glad God brought Amy & Mitch into your life and brought you so much happiness. You were given more in that aspect than many people receive in a long lifetime. You were such a good son, brother, daddy, and spouse. God brought you a wonderful woman, a bright, happy son. He brought us a special daughter/sister, and a fantastic grandson/nephew. It does not seem fair that you were only given 2 years together and you were taken a day before your wedding. You would've been a GREAT husband. We have never seen a family more happy or close as the three of you were. All of our lives are forever changed without you and Mitchie. We have a huge emptiness inside without the two of you. We are glad you are with Mitchie and you both are in Jesus' arms. We know neither of you feel any pain or sadness in Heaven. Please comfort all of us as we try to continue our lives without you both. Put your loving arms around all of us, especially Amy. She is so lost without her boys. We pray daily that God will bring her peace and to us as well. We can not wait to see you again. Continue to hold on to and take care of your son. Son/brother, we wish you Eternal peace and love,

Dad, Mom & Clint



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