In Loving Memory of
David William Ozanne

David died on April 5,1999 and it was the hardest thing our town had to through.. He was a very popular guy even though he didn't know it.. He was an great husband to his beloved wife and an awesome dad to his little girl, not to mention, he was the best friend to all... Here's a poem he wrote as if he knew he die a young death.. THE PASSING by: David Ozanne Sept.4,1976-April 5,1999 I'm not dead - I did not die, I only passed from earth to sky. From darkness to light my soul took flight. Tis beautiful here; A wonderous sight. Happy I'll be here when you're here with me. The grief you feel will soon subside And in its place in abide, Relief that I am free from pain And the joy that I am well again. The sweetness of the times we shared, The laughter, tears together shared, The dreams we made, the prayers we've prayed, But grow brighter day by day. God give you the grace to bear this pain, Til we are joined together once again...

I just wanted to say that David is truly missed by everyone who knew him and even those who just met him for a second.. He was truly an awesome guy. Someone who would've given up his own life for those he Loved.. We miss you David!!!!!



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