In Loving Memory of
Caroline Louise Mitcham Doster

The loss of a Great Woman is known for all who knew and loved her. Our grandmother died in Emory University Hospital Monday, March 29th, at 8:47 pm. As her only grandchildren we would like to dedicate this memorial to her memory for all those who could not grieve with the rest of the family in Georgia. It has been hard for us living in Europe, so far away from our loved ones, but thanks to the net we can share our thoughts with family and friends. This memorial allows Julie and I to participate in the grieving process from afar. Mama was a special woman to many, and she won't be forgotten. For those of us she left behind, we ask for God's forgiveness in being selfish. We wanted her here with us, and for this we cannot be blamed. For she was a part of us, and with her death we loose something. We must all remember that although she is in heaven with our Lord, she will always live in our hearts and souls. We can carry our memories with us for the rest of our days, and pass on the goodness that she was so kind to bestow upon us. The following is a letter that Julie wrote for Mama just a few moments after she was informed of her death. Today my world is lost and unjust. my grandmother is gone and the world has entered my soul and tears pour with great strength. I mourn the loss of this great woman from my life. She was the mother to my mother and the giver of life to what is most precious to me. The power, strength, and love that lived within this woman was passed down to my heart. I took from her all the knowledge and love that she gave me and used it in times of good and bad. I refuse to gain nothing from the wisdom her life's journey's brang. I also refuse the temptation to wallow in sorrow. my grandmother believed in her savior and now she is singing in heaven by his side. She would want us to smile at the thoughts we have of her. She wouls want us to know that everything will be alright. If she were here, she would put her arms around me like any protective grandmother would and tell me to rejoice in the fact that she is now where she carries no pain and enjoys the warmth of living with her God. My whole life, Caroline has brought me close by her side and whispered wisdom in my ears - all the love she had for me and all the abundance of things she wanted me to learn and become. She always wanted me to know that no matter what - you must keep faith in your God and the life that you lead. Most importantly, she wanted me to learn to be as strong and wise in all that I do and feel. So, I will be strong on this day. I will use the strength that she has given me to deal with this news. In her last words to me she said,

Mama we think you are the most precious gift God could have ever given us....Natalie and Julie



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