In Loving Memory of
SGT. Albert Treat

Sgt.Albert Treat its been 10 years since you been able to give me that advice that was always the right thing to do.You left me on 3-6-90 and my life has never been the same. I wished I could have told you how much I loved you and what you really meant to me. You was our rock for our family and I never relized it until you was gone because all I have is memories of our family and your the shining star that made our family special. I wished I would have sit down and found out more about you as a person and maybe that could have answered alot of questions about myself,but I thought you would be around forever ,but forever came way to fast and now Im sittinghere without you and needing you more than I ever relized.Daddy in my eyes there is no better man than you and I miss you and love you. Theres not a day that goes by I dont think of you and miss you. So Cowboy are you playing poker and playing those slots machine all the time, I know you are,and Im sure your breaking the house. Play some for me and get them ready for me when we meet again.Yes Sir you never was wrong but that one time you thought you was wrong and you wasnt.Love your daughter that will never forget you. Karen-the only boy you ever had.

Your daughter that was your only son but I done it and done it with pride. Karen



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