In Loving Memory of
Prissy Barrette

Tears coming down my cheeks the pain is raw and deep. Your memories are fresh and haunting,memories I'll always keep. You were never just an animal,you are like my child and friend. I am left with a broken heart,that in time I hope will mend. You are so very sweet and precious it is so hard to say goodbye. Your heart was filled with love for me,and I can only think of you and cry. The life we shared is over now,I will miss your sweet and loving face. I loved you so completely none could ever take your place. I firmly wipe the tears away trying not to dwell upon this pain. But you are so much a part of me my life will never be the same. Your memory will never fade,my Love for you never cease. You will always be in my heart my sweet Prissy rest in peace.




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