In Loving Memory of
Stephen Michael Stramback

The Ocean, The sky is dark as the sun sets behind the mischievious waves. Far out like glass the ocean touches the clouds. I'm at peace with myself and with my friends and foes. The airnips at my trembling body and my life is restored. I sit on the cold wet sand searching for answers I might never find again and I can't help but think about my friends. The splash and roar of the ocean eases my uncertainty about life, about home, and about god. In some way this calm roaring sea I love, will always be a place of relaxation. The tube in the wave crashing upon itslef much like the toughts and shadows in my life. Again I sit andrelax as my life is peaceful and the sun sets upon the water I will always cherish.

you will always be in our hearts and here with us on earth poops! I love you! Chris*



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