In Loving Memory of
Marie Francis Lorscheider Collins

I never had a chance to tell you goodbye or to let you know how much I love you. You were such an influence on my life and if I can live my life half as well as you lived yours, I will consider that an accomplishment. Always there with an encouraging word, your love, your guidance, your prayers, so many people your love touched. I consider myself very fortunate for having you as my grandmother, even though we were not biologically connected, our hearts were, and you knew how to treat a child and make them feel special. You made me feel special and I don't think I will ever have someone in my life that made me feel as special and loved as you did me. I dream of you once in a while, and I don't know if it is you keeping that connection that we always shared or if it is my feeble mind trying to comfort me, I don't care which, for it is the only way I can see you now. Twelve long painful years have gone past, and though the memories are always bittersweet, not one day goes by that I don't think of you. I know now that the only way for me to find peace is to forgive Mom for not letting me see you before you died. I have to, and I know that is what you would have wanted, so for you, I will forgive her, that last trespass that she made, that intense pain that she created. I forgive her because I love her, and you always wanted us to get along better than we ever did. I can not continue to poison my spirit for holding this grudge against her for so long. I don't understand her reasons, I can't forget the pain of it, the shock that I felt, but I forgive her. I love you grandma, I hope that there is something after death because I sure would like to see you again. I know there has to be, I can feel you sometimes, I know that you have to be looking down on me.

Love always, your grandaughter, Patti



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