In Loving Memory of

Sis, it has been over a year now since you left so unexpectedly, but some days it seems like you have been gone forever and other days it seems like yesterday. you were my only sister and always my best friend. I feel as if a major part of me went when you left. Nothing is as wonderful as it was when you were here to share it with me. We spent sixty years joined by sister love and I grieve for you . I know not all sisters are as tightly bound as we were and I feel a pity for them. your daughers nor mine have the bond you and I had and it grieves me. Just know I love you and miss you and the void you left in my life will forever remain.I spend a lot of my time reliving the fun times we had sometimes a smile turns into a laugh when I recall something especially funny we did togeather. We didn't neeed much to to make us laugh, we were joyful of each other. My first instinct is still 'gotta tell Sue' when I hear family news or someting goes wrong, Ineed my sis, you were my connection to life.

Your sis, always



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