In Loving Memory of
Our Precious Baby Matthew Micheal McGovern

To Our Precious Baby Boy There are no words to express the sadness in our hearts that you are not here with us today, to hold and to love, to play with and to learn with. You were so tiny, you had your fathers gorgeous looks, it broke our hearts allowing you to depart from this earth but to know you would be home with God our father wrapped in his loving arms, it seemed to be ok, but mommy and daddy are a bit on the selfish side and miss you oh so will forever be in our hearts and in our thoughts We loved you and hope that you felt that love 'cause we sure did feel your love...missing you Mommy and Daddy

A very sad mommy and daddy tricia nick and grace born April 1, 2001 gone home to God's loving arms April 1, 2001



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